Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Sometimes, your faith and fight and spirit and hope and peace are beaten up, chewed, and spit out. It has been that kind of a 3 weeks. Fighting pneumonia is hard enough without added medical issues. No need to go into detail. My best friend described it best. MARE, YOU AND DICK ARE BATTLE WEARY! That we are. But hanging in there.

It is psychologically hard for me to be at the lake where I always have outdoor projects, and not have the stamina to do anything yet. If the pneumonia hangs on much longer, they will try an injection of Prednisone. Oh, joy.

I hope to have a really positive post soon.

Sooner rather than later, please, God?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My coffee table is littered with Vick's Vaporub, Kleenex, Alka-Seltzer Cough and Cold, nose drops, an inhaler, Vitamin C gummies, and a heating pad. Yes, lake life inside has taken on the dreariness of the outside this past week.

I went to the doctor for the second time in a week (first was troubling lung sounds before the cold/cough hit), and today they diagnosed me with early pneumonia (dang this chemo which suppresses my immune system). So I will start on antibiotics today and hope to drive it out.

All of my outside projects have gone by the wayside, but the weather has been cloudy and rainy anyway, so I haven't missed much. Without a computer/internet and any other human around, I have comforted my whining self with 3 novels. The weather has since turned beautiful and now that I will be on the mend, as well as my better half arriving late tonight, the summer can really begin. Life without my hubbie around is a half-life

Please pray that one dose of antibiotics will wipe out this bug. She said they often double-dose chemo patients, but I don't want that many side effects (antibiotics make me sicker than chemo ever did!).