Thursday, July 17, 2014


There is so much to blog about, and I am a little frustrated because we are totally "unplugged" this summer and blogging is not happening. I miss writing.

Our ancient dial-up internet had finally seen its last day, and after waiting over 20 minutes for mail to load, we called and cancelled the service. So. We have no internet (read: no email, no Facebook, no blog), and we do not have smart-phones (our little dumb phones do get most texts if they are sitting in the right window at the right time of day). We hurriedly check our email at the library once a week when we go to town for groceries and errands, so blogging is out of the question at the library.

Along with the frustration, however, is an blanket of pure inaccessibility that does bring a contentment. Very little information in the world of social media is life-changing, and we can well live without it. Our friends and family know to call us on our trusty old land line with any "vital" news. We have yet to get a call with anything earth-shattering. 

So there is a blessed quiet that frankly, supersedes the missing my blog. I will catch up at the end of the summer with my musings.

That said, since I am here in civilization for a weekend with my parents in Fargo, I had to at least share my pictures of my visit with my two sweet, wonderful girlfriends. One of my 2 best friends from high school, Peg Johnson, flew to Fargo from Seattle on a week I was scheduled to be with my parents, and Colleen Cebula, another good friend of ours, drove over from Jamestown and we met for breakfast, which turned into lunch and went into the afternoon!

22 years melted away as we picked right up where we left off. We could have just left a cheerleading practice and been sitting in our little blue skirts and white sweaters at Polar King eating a dusty-road sundae.

It was such a special time. These girls have been such amazing supportive, loving friends walking this cancer journey with me. They have showered me with so much encouragement while going through some very tough times of their own. (Peg is my friend I blogged about who lost her husband in February)

But, really, I am a little ticked that they simply HAVE NOT AGED. To me, they look just like they did in high school. SO not fair!!!!

Paul Johnson (Peg's twin, and my junior prom date!), Paul's wife Jan, Peg, me, Colleen

Colleen, Peg and me.... bet we could still do those cheers......