Saturday, November 3, 2018


As of 30 minutes ago, I took my last chemo pills for the next two months. Bold-----and yet not.....decision. My scans of last week were unremarkable. Minute changes. I was going to ask my doc anyway for a drug holiday for a month, but circumstances changed it up.

I found out last week that the Plan D drug plan I chose was very unethical and on the day I was to use them for the first time, they doubled what they had quoted us TWICE. So when we started looking at new Plan D companies, we realized that if were to use it, the deductible kicks in right away of course and those large monthly co-pays. Then in January it all resets and I have to pay the deductible all over again. 

We're talking thousands, not hundreds here. Honestly they "punish" people with pre-existing conditions and expensive drugs. Someone needs to do something about drug costs. I would vote for anyone.....Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Alien.....if they were dedicated to Pharmaceutical Reform. So, for financial reasons, I am holding out til January (my doc really has no say in my decision...I sure it would be AMA).

The bigger factor is my faith. If I believe that God is healing me and will totally heal me in His time (He has kept me alive with stage 4 lung and brain cancer for 8 years), then I should not have to worry or stress that I am not taking these drugs for 8 weeks. I believe God has me covered and delivered and doesn't need any assistance from the medical realm to keep my tumors from growing larger or proliferating. I am at peace with the decision. My bigger fear is that I will feel so good OFF the chemo, that I won't want to go back!!!

I had a rare burst of energy today and spent about 5 or 6 hours purging my bedroom. Cleaned out every drawer and my closet (after which my dear husband said, "You really don't have any clothes, do you.?" I have only 26 hangers of all my clothes including pants, sweaters, dresses and tops. Richie has begged me for years to go buy some clothes, but the process of shopping is so distasteful to me, I can't get up the verve to do it.

But I do love to purge. Decided I am holding onto some items way too long. I finally put in the Goodwill pile, an old green acrylic sweater that my sister-in-law Margie handed off to me from her Goodwill pile about 10-12 years ago, so I am making progress. My Goodwill pile is overflowing from today. Never been so proud of the way my dresser drawers and closet look!!!


I will let you know how I am doing "drugless." Praise God that He is sovereign over chemotherapy. Pray that I remain peaceful about my decision and not start fearing.

I had to get a shot of how I looked on
Medicare Day!!!