Thursday, July 18, 2013



Sam hauled in a nice northern

A tree fell on the outhouse

My handy hubby re-roofed it

My dear and very talented friend Karol made me this pillow, which I just love.....
Just sittin' by the campfire

Woods attire when the skeeters are bad

My prize-winning photo of a hummingbird mid-flight, waiting
for the pesky butterfly to get off of his feeder!!

'Scuse me, folks, just passing through...

My niece Betsy and her new fiance, Michael,
at my nephew's wedding

Sam and his girlfriend Gretchen

My nephew Charlie and his new bride Megan

Me and my baby brother Chris, father of the groom

Sam and Gretchen after the wedding

Me with my 2 sisters-in-law Margie (groom's mom), and Shirleen
and my big brother Mike

Hieb cousins with spouses/girlfriend/fiance

Sam and Dick and me at the reception
The very good-lookin', classy, and close Hieb cousins; from left, Kate, Betsy, Gretchen, Sam, Maddie and Anna (only missing cousin was the groom, Charlie)
I found a bridesmaid's bouquet just laying on the table behind, hey, why not use it???? Dick, me, Sam's girlfriend Gretchen, and Sam

Sam and his cousin Anna


Sam and Dick at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Dick and me, Sculpture Garden

Sam and me, Sculpture Garden



We are headed this weekend to Detroit Lakes to celebrate my Mom's birthday with the whole family. Two weekends in a row to be with my family is a blessing beyond measure!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I heard on the news this week that a young woman wanted to press charges of attempted murder against her boyfriend for beating her in the abdomen to make her miscarry their baby. At the time of the news report, the woman was in the hospital and it was unknown if the child was alive or dead.

And yet this same woman, 14 weeks pregnant, can walk into an abortion clinic and choose to end the life of that same child. She can call it a CHOICE. She's in the pink. The father can choose to end the life of his unborn baby and he is charged with attempted murder.



The double-standard here is beyond comprehension. Why is there no linear single standard when it comes to the unborn?

If it is a CHOICE for a mother to kill her unborn child, then it should be a CHOICE for a father to attempt the same thing. Her method is metal instruments and uterine vacuums. His is force from fists. Gee, few hairs to split really. The outcome is the same.

But if a father can be prosecuted for attempted murder to end his unborn child's life, then a mother, by a shared standard, should be as well.

But no, one is a civil right, a legal choice, an errand to attend to in order to keep life tidy. The other is a felony. A grievous crime. Time in the slammer a given.

Unbelievable, really.

I am so sick of hearing the pro-abortion contingent in our society wax on about CHOICES and WOMEN'S BODILY RIGHTS. Those of us in this world who think all life is sacred from conception on, feel that abortion is neither a choice nor a right. Abortion ends the life of a child. In whose world is ending the life of a child RIGHT?

The unborn deserve to be born. No woman is forced to either keep or raise her child. There are tens of thousands of couples longing to adopt babies. But every woman owes her unborn child, at the very least, birth.

That our culture denies this basic premise makes us no better than Nazi Germany exterminating millions of Jews. That was Hitler's "choice" and "right" too.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


It took a good 4 weeks, but I am finally feeling well again. Yes, I still have a wheeze in my lungs, but I am not going to deal with it anymore. It can just live there for all I care! I have my summer ahead of me!

This past week, since feeling good again, I've able to do some of my outdoor projects which has felt great. Sam was home for an abbreviated weekend and it was great to see him. He snagged us a 4-pound northern for dinner before he left for Minneapolis.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for my pneumonia to heal. The prayers sure helped. I will try to get some pictures up here soon.