Thursday, July 18, 2013



Sam hauled in a nice northern

A tree fell on the outhouse

My handy hubby re-roofed it

My dear and very talented friend Karol made me this pillow, which I just love.....
Just sittin' by the campfire

Woods attire when the skeeters are bad

My prize-winning photo of a hummingbird mid-flight, waiting
for the pesky butterfly to get off of his feeder!!

'Scuse me, folks, just passing through...

My niece Betsy and her new fiance, Michael,
at my nephew's wedding

Sam and his girlfriend Gretchen

My nephew Charlie and his new bride Megan

Me and my baby brother Chris, father of the groom

Sam and Gretchen after the wedding

Me with my 2 sisters-in-law Margie (groom's mom), and Shirleen
and my big brother Mike

Hieb cousins with spouses/girlfriend/fiance

Sam and Dick and me at the reception
The very good-lookin', classy, and close Hieb cousins; from left, Kate, Betsy, Gretchen, Sam, Maddie and Anna (only missing cousin was the groom, Charlie)
I found a bridesmaid's bouquet just laying on the table behind, hey, why not use it???? Dick, me, Sam's girlfriend Gretchen, and Sam

Sam and his cousin Anna


Sam and Dick at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Dick and me, Sculpture Garden

Sam and me, Sculpture Garden



We are headed this weekend to Detroit Lakes to celebrate my Mom's birthday with the whole family. Two weekends in a row to be with my family is a blessing beyond measure!


Cole said...

BEAUTIFUL family pics!!! I feel such joy looking at you enjoying all of those loved ones.

P.S. I'm guessing Sam and Anna have been asked (many times) if they are brother and sister...?? The look like twins! :) Enjoy this coming weekend as well, my dear friend. Love you!

Rachel J said...

I LOVED this update!!! How often I think of you. I laughed out loud at dick retooling the outhouse. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

how cute you are all of you! what a wonderful day it it must have been !! I love you Mary