Thursday, August 1, 2013


I have had a few of you ask about why comments are not coming up on my blog when you publish them. My blog was "hacked" in a sense. I was getting 20-30 anonymous and ridiculous advertising blurbs under my comments with every post. I don't know who does this, but it doesn't surprise me that tech-savvy people can do this. I had to spend time deleting each one. Anyway, I have my comments now on a setting where I need to "approve" them before publishing, not because I am trying to censor anything from blog readers, but because I am hoping that these hackers will remove my name from their list once they see they are getting no print time. I think I am winning. The past 2 posts have shown NO advertising at all. If the trend continues, I will revert back to comments published instantly in the next few weeks.

On a personal note, after 8 weeks of trying my ultimate best to put on pounds, I can report that I have gained almost 2 pounds. This is way too hard. Why can't they invent a milkshake that can add a pound a day? I really would like to gain 6 more. 8 would be better. I don't know what else I can possibly add to my diet to do this without OD'ing on sugar, which I have to minimize. Oh, well, I feel healthy and that is what matters.

We are picking berries every day. An hour  at a time is all my back can handle of blueberry picking, but we have a wonderful crop and we are trying to fill the freezer. Picked strawberries last week and the raspberries are peaking this week, so we are off to that patch tomorrow. It blesses me to death that berries, one of the major anti-cancer foods, are in such abundance here in God's country and that we can take so many home for the next 9 months.

Sam is heading home for the weekend. He has it filled with activity with his best friend, but we hope to claim him for a few hours too. Crappies and (what else?) blueberry pie on the menu.

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