Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We had some excitement at our cabin last week. Sam's best friend James chose to propose to his girlfriend on our dock! We were able to disguise the day's intent under the ruse of celebrating James' birthday.

Later in the evening, James took Meredith on a canoe ride (she is from Georgia and not YET a northern Minnesota lake-girl), we and his family set the stage as per his down-to-the-detail instructions, complete with his mom camouflaged in our woods taking pictures of the dock activities. While 13 of us waited in the cabin, catching only glimpses of what was happening, we finally saw him down on one knee and after he stood up and hugged Meredith, his two brothers, right on cue, set off fireworks from a boat hidden in the reeds on the lake.

It was a special night to share with a special couple and his whole family who are great family friends of ours.

James has always been my "second son," so I was really happy to finally meet Meredith. She is just so warm and loving, one of the most affectionate young women I have ever met. Not to mention smart and sweet!! I am anxious to get to know her over the coming years.

Newly engaged!

There was a little magic sparking in the lake air caused by these two!

Part of the cast of characters.....Rachel, James' sister who served cheesecake down on the dock table; Liz and Jeremiah, his brother and sister-in-law; Lynnette, his mom/official secret photographer; Dick; and Jonathan, his brother who got the playlist on the computer set just right and hidden in the boat!)

Sam was in a suit because he was the maitre' d!! With Sam's girlfriend Gretchen.

Wishing you much happiness, James and Meredith! James, thank you for letting
us be part of your big secret and your special day!


Cole said...

How beautiful & what precious memories!! Thank you so much for sharing this joyful moment and beautiful pics. Wishing joy and blessings to the newly engaged couple as well! :)

Allison said...

What a FUN experience!!!
It was great meeting James last year when he and Sam came into town for a concert. We send our best wishes to the happy couple! :)