Saturday, June 4, 2016


Dick's retirement party was really special. Friends, past employees and students came to honor Dick. He was given his emeritus title, officially, and had 4 of his faculty (and former faculty) get up to say how Dick has influenced them and students. The Dean of Health Sciences was a real dear man, has only been here for two years, and yet he knew Dick well enough to say, " Three words to describe Dick are a man of action, humble, and loving." He said he was an exemplary professor. I was so moved that he really knew him. Indeed, he is all of those. The students mentioned a couple "funny incidences with Dr. Ekstrom, like the time he schooled us in 3 on 3 basketball." Some humorous stories.

It would take many paragraphs to tell what they said about my guy, but Sam and I were very touched. I don't think any kid is tuned in very much to the impact their parents have on others in their workplace. I think it was so great that Sam could be there to hear what his dad has meant to so many.

I put up just a few of the pictures Dick's colleague Joy took that day, including one of the 2nd and 3rd year classes who wanted one last picture with one of their best profs. Sam and I are so proud that he is our husband/dad!!

Retirement official starts for him in 5 days. A new life ready to begin.