Friday, July 27, 2012


I cannot believe that August is looming overhead. Where has the summer gone? Next week we head out to Kenmare, ND for Grama Ekstrom's 100th birthday, which should be a sweet celebration. Last week my mom and dad came for mom's birthday. My son and 2 nieces and 2 of their friends came over for the afternoon. We got to meet new baby Oskar and enjoy 2-year-old Hendy. I can't believe I did not take a picture of the whole group of us. My bad.

Mom and Dad playing UpWords

Nanny had the magic touch with Oskar. He just stared at her and cooed.

Sam reading to Hendy

We got to resurrect the old Donald Duck fishing rod and Snoopy life jacket for Hendy

Love that Hendrik loves to fish!!

Uncle Dick and cousin Sam made sure he caught 5 sunnies!!

Great auntie Mary with the babe

Oskar captured his Nanny's heart!! What a gift to have great-grandchildren!

This is my hard-working hubbie after a morning of hauling lumber in the woods

No, those will NOT go in the wash. They will be thrown away at the end of the summer!!!

My finished deck. We now have 2 rocking chairs down there. Maybe I should become
a master carpenter in retirement...

I still deal with chronic pain in my legs from the chemo. I wish Excedrin made a "leg pain formula" but nothing seems to help. Now I know what Dick has endured for 20 years. It is not fun to deal with on a 24/7 basis, but it will just be another thing God will get glory for when healing is manifested. The promises in Scripture come more alive every week as we both know our faith is unwavering in our total healing. God is faithful!


Cole said...

You may not feel it yet...but I'm already *seeing* His glory! :) Thank you for sharing the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure have missed your bright, smiling face. Looking forward to you being back in Verm! Ju!