Monday, January 13, 2014


One of the best moments of Christmas break was seeing Sam in his element, in his new gig doing all the play-by-play for the high school boys basketball team (and most of the girls' games as well). He is such a natural. Usually we choose to stay home so we can listen to his broadcasts, but we went to one of the games last week so we could SEE him!! (Next to him is Scott Munger, the owner of Red Eye Sports, the organization who does the audiocasting) Something sure stirs in the heart of a parent whose child has found their God-given talent and calling in life.


Cole said...

That's so great! He looks like he's in his element, I'm so happy for him. That's so wonderful that he knows exactly what his passion is for a career and thankful he is doing SO WELL! :)

Rachel J said...

This is so great!!!!!!