Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I haven't been blogging. I miss it! Lots of travel the past two weeks. A trip to northwest North Dakota to see Dick's mom and a trip to Fargo with Sam to see my parents.

Sam with his Nanny and Poppy Ed

Eating lunch with my sister-in-law Margie and Mom and Dad

Dick and his mom Mabel

I enjoyed the road trip with Sam. We talked about life and future job goals and faith and sports and everything in between. It was a treat to have 9 hours alone with him (well, not exactly that.....like every sleep-deprived college kid, he napped a little both ways!). He was also a calm driver during a ground blizzard leaving North Dakota. I really appreciated that.

I have a couple blogs rumbling in my head this week. Must get them down in print.....

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Rachel J said...

I miss your blogging!!, I miss YOU!!!