Tuesday, April 8, 2014


There are a handful of moments in one's life when there is a poignant intersection of great pride, relief, bittersweet sadness, and great excitement. When I received this package in the mail, I held one of those moments in my hands.


Colleen said...

Sharing your well-described feelings, Mary!! I received a similar pkg in the mail just last week. Was it really FOUR YRS ago that we sent our boys off to college and became empty-nesters?!God bless our college seniors, Sam and Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, How is this possible? I clearly remember the day he was born. What a fine young man he has become.
Brings to mind that day he was sitting on my lap in the office and telling me about Moses....I think he was barely 2..

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! to all of you. Dick and Mary you raised a fine young man! Sam is going to to great things in this world!
Congratulations again

Rachel J said...

Not. Possible.