Sunday, March 1, 2015


On Wednesday night, I got a massive headache. Not the Excedrin-tension type headache. The kind of pain that sent me to the ER over a month ago, which indicated brain cancer. My oncologist put me back on steroids to reduce the apparent increased inflammation. Apparently this isn't highly unlikely, but it certainly is not welcome. I was so happy to be OFF the steroids finally, after 3 weeks of jitters, sleeplessness, swelling. 

It didn't last long.

My headache has subsided. It isn't gone, but it is tolerable.

But my biggest worry was not the steroids. It was the momentary gulp I took in thinking about still going to see my best friend in Georgia this week.

Susan and I had a Blue Ridge Mountain trip planned for October of 2013. 2 days before my flight, I had a vitreous detachment in my good eye, handing me blurry vision in both. I was optically and emotionally unable to drive and fly. The trip was cancelled.

In the spring and summer of 2014, Susan was dealing with her own health issues and we found no connect-time. We decided to plan another trip the first week in September. That week found me in the hospital with severe chemo-constipation and receiving radiation for the 2 new tumors. No trip.

Dad died 2 weeks later and the rest of my fall and winter of 2014 was trying to cope with the side effects of a new chemo that was slowly killing me.

We planned yet another trip for this March. When the brain cancer was found, I cancelled the cabin in the mountains because I did not know what I was facing. We wanted to get our refund back while we still could. I told the owner of the cabin that if for some reason she did not rent it out, and I was able to come, that we would do a last minute rental.

We did a last-minute rental.

Come hell or high water, Susan and I are going to be together again. We talk every day, but we need to BE together. Breathing mountain air. Meandering around mountain villages. Hiking the trails.

And so I am praying that the headache issue and the vertigo that has also popped up will turn themselves around completely this week. God's blessings are great, and I am trusting that He can't wait to give us this one.

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Rachel J said...

Praying, praying, praying that it is GONE or soon to be!