Thursday, July 14, 2016


I am on the grid for about 30 minutes, then I will be retreating again into cyber-obscurity. We have had to admit it is tough to live without internet these days. Even our cell phones cannot get clear calls. Some texts just don’t get to us. While the internet can be used for heinous reasons by evil people, for those of us who need to google something or find an address or check email, it becomes almost a necessity-----and we are without. It gets tougher each year.

Summer has not officially begun in northern MN. Maybe 8-9 days of sun and warmth. It’s been heavy with clouds and cool and rain. We have not been in the lake and only have fished once (I went with Sam and Gretchen one evening where we resembled the 3 stooges trying to release Sam’s big northern from his lucky lure).

Had my whole family out for a day and night. 22 of our 26 Hiebs could come and we had such a great time together. Our last connection was at Mom’s funeral and we needed a year later, to just love on each other and laugh and talk. It was a special time. We missed Anna and family who are in Denver.

I have a PET scan next Tuesday. Mom’s birthday. We will drive all the way home to do this. Enough of using local medical care for oncology issues. It is a lung scan, not another brain scan. My muscles still are daily painful and stiff and I still can’t squat and get up yet. I have faith that God will someday restore my musculoskeletal system.

Dick works hard every day on the shore and in our woods. He was born a woodsman. We want to get the cabin painted too. I am painting and distressing some old tables and trying to learn how to etch words into barnwood. Dick brought me a bunch of old barnwood he got at an abandoned farm in North Dakota over July 4th weekend in Kenmare. I am so tickled. LOVE barnwood.

My biggest treat is a new dryer which will be delivered in a week. My 40-year-old dryer, held together front to sides with duct tape, will be going to the landfill. It still works, but the duct tape, after 3 years, can’t keep holding the heavy pieces together. It’s all sagging. It is time.

Hard to believe summer is half over. We got a late start this year, but can make up for it by staying a couple weeks into September. Reading some really good books. I will try to keep track of them and post them later.

Hope you all are having a good summer!                                               

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Anonymous said...

enjoy the summer Mary! Loved you letter via snail mail- was sooo good to hold an " old fashion" note in my hands! It made my day.
Love you tons and tons my dear friend