Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am finding out that people don’t really know how to process why I wrote a booklet of all I have learned about faith and healing the past 16 months BEFORE I AM HEALED.

It’s all faith, folks. All faith. Faith is believing that God will show up and finish the job based only on His promises in the Bible before I have any physical evidence to believe it.  Faith is believing that the healing is done before human eyes looking at man-made scanners can verify it. I believe in every truth I have learned in the Bible about God’s willingness to heal all Christians.

If I waited to write what I believe to be true, then it would simply show my lack of faith. Either the Word of God is absolute truth and His promises are reliable, or it is all a boldface lie and His promises are fluff. So I feel I can cite what I have read in His Word with assurance that He cannot lie, and that what I have gleaned may be used for His glory to help someone else facing a life-threatening illness.

It is my stand of faith. Believing before seeing. That’s God’s standard for faith. I do not hope for my healing. Hope is not faith. It has nothing to do with faith. Faith does not consider what the natural eye can see or the natural ear can hear or what the physical body can feel. Faith looks only to God’s promises, knows they are true, and can therefore stand upon them with boldness. Anything less dishonors God (Without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11:16).

As I have sojourned along the cancer trail the past 16 months, I have found it staggering that Christians in general lack the EXPECTATION that God’s wonders and miracles are still available to the masses of believers. Why don’t people EXPECT them? Their Lord set the moon and stars in place. He “releases the wind from its storehouses and sends the lightening with the rain.” (Ps 135)  God controls the night and the day and has sovereignty over the entire universe. And yet they think Him incapable of curing a cancer? Can’t He heal a bone or open an artery? Can’t He cause the blind to see and the crippled to walk? 

Has God become that small to believers today? Are people skeptics because God doesn’t show up more often to display His miracles OR does He not show up to display His miracles because His children have become skeptics? You tell me.

Let’s look at Jairus, the synagogue ruler. In both the 8th chapter of Luke and the 5th chapter of Mark we read his story. He asks Jesus to heal his daughter. Jesus goes with Jairus, but on the way to his house, some men come to tell Jairus that his daughter has already died. Ignoring what they said, Jesus tells Jairus not to fear, but to “just believe.”

When Jesus gets to the house and hears all the grief, he says, “Why all this commotion and wailing? The child is not dead but asleep.” The reaction?

What does Jesus do with the blatant doubt and cynicism of the flute players and the noisy crowd of friends and relatives of the little girl? JESUS KICKS THEM OUT OF THE ROOM!!

Before He raises the girl from the dead (or asleep, as Jesus says), before He lets His miracle be witnessed, Jesus kicks out the naysayers and keeps in the room only the girl's parents, who had the faith to seek Him for healing, and his disciples. Jesus clearly does not tolerate disbelief. He withholds the witnessing of His miracle from those who dishonored Him with doubt.

The people in Jairus’ house did not EXPECT anything miraculous from Jesus. So He doesn’t let them in on the wonder of the moment. While they are guffawing in the outer room, our Jesus, our mighty Savior and Healer, quietly lets those who EXPECT Him to show His power, see it manifest itself as Jairus’ precious daughter wakes up.

That’s why I wrote my booklet, my friends. That’s why I stand in faith. I decided 15 months ago that I was going to EXPECT my God to show His power in me, and I still do. I am going to be one of the ones who EXPECTS Him to do “the impossible” and I will simply wait for His timing. His Word says He will. That’s all I need.


Cole said...

What a beautiful treasure this book will be, Mary. A book filled with God's glory for the works that He WILL do and has already done!

I'm with you all the way and know that His timing as we walk this earth is but a mere moment in big scheme. His timing will be perfect, we just can't see it yet.

You're such a great daughter to Him, I know He's honoring that. ;)

Cole said...

One more thought: You know that saying "If I do this and could help just one person..." Mary, you've helped me. Thank you from my and my family's hearts!!!!!