Thursday, December 1, 2011


I had my labs drawn this morning. I have, I guess, officially made my inaccessible veins known to the local lab here in town. The intern was doing all the draws when I arrived. She went back to get one of the "old" techs to do my draw, who told me that when they saw my name, they decided not to put me through the multiple sticks by an inexperienced lab tech. Known by my veins. Great. But I am abundantly grateful.

Tomorrow I have my first chemo in 6 weeks. It is supposed to be an every-3-week infusion. Months ago I chose to do it only every 4 weeks. And over Thanksgiving, I told my oncologist that I was not going to do it before and right after the holiday (yes, I have taken charge of my own health care!), and so it is now about 6 weeks out. It has been great not thinking about another infusion for this long. Life has seemed very normal.

I had to start steroids this morning, so I am prepared for the next 4 sleepless nights with 5 novels that all look intriguing enough to make the dark hours drag a bit less. Most chemo patients dread the chemo after-effects. Mine are minimal enough that my dread is only the needle part. I can't tell you how I hate the multiple sticks and bleeding out from collaspsing veins. I do NOT like "set-up."

Sam went back to school on Monday afternoon. We had our traditional Christmas tree decorating night on Sunday (Sam mandated all the components of this tradition when he was about 4 and we're still doing them all). The whole house smelled of pine for 2 days!! I love nights with just the tree lights and candles on and Christmas music in the's still magical even to this middle-aged gal. I feel so blessed to have another Christmas with my boys!!

The bathroom project downstairs is finally done. Whoo-hoo!! The only thing Dick and I have to do is paint out the trim and the door, and we have a "new" bathroom. It is not high-end (it still has a concrete block wall on the backside!) by any means, but it is amazing what a new vanity, new ceiling and lighting, fresh paint, and new toilet seat can do for a tired, 45-year-old room.

Have a great weekend......

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Cole said...

Such a beautiful tree and another reminder of God's everlasting love. =) Will be praying that the "set-up" is minimal for the upcoming treatment!!