Tuesday, March 27, 2012


If any of you follow the NFL's activities in the off-season, and are either shocked/intrigued/skeptical about the new Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow deal, you might appreciate my son's very thoughtful analysis on his sports blog. It's as good a commentary as I have read in any magazine or newspaper. minnesotasportsguy.com


CKoehn said...

I went immediately to the article to read it...and it grabbed my heart. Not to mention all the awesome perspective...but I'm thinking, what a wonderful boy Mary has...what penetrating writing skills (like his mom)...she must be SO PROUD!!

:) Colleen

Mary said...

Colleen, thanks.....Sam is a much better writer than I am and I AM very proud of him. He writes a column for our local paper and has a loyal following!

Cole said...

Well, I tried to leave a comment on Sam's page...twice...so if two comments come up, please tell Sam to feel free to hit delete to at least one!! ha!

Great article!