Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We spent spring break in a new part of Florida this year and enjoyed the spectacular sand beach without broken shells making it hard to walk barefoot. We had a condo right on the water and spent most of our time outside in perfect 83-84 degree weather every day. To my friends in Florida......one of these years I will have more than 5 days to steal from to meet with each of you. ( I'd love to have a USF reunion, Bev. I think about you and all our grad school classmates each time I am back in Florida! If you ever see Tom or Rosemarie, say hi from me, and tell Helen hi too!!) With travel on each end of the week, we get so little time there, and I admit we are pretty selfish with it. There won't be many years left when our son will have the same vacation week we do. 

I felt amazing (OFF the chemo) and had lots of energy. It felt like a short week, but we had great fun! A new setting allows your mind to absorb new stimuli and it was the break we all needed from the daily grind of our cancer-conscious lives. 

I told Sam at the end of the week I was glad he still likes to hang out with us in Florida every year. He told me, "Yep, I do. We're a pretty tight trio." And so we are. Here are a handful of pictures from our week. 

Sam on the condo's balcony.

Playing mini-golf

Mini-golf....on the ship


Found my kid out on the deserted beach one night doing his environmental studies homework

The gulls move in every day at dusk

Dick in our condo
Sam and me

Walkin' the beach

2012 Ekstrom Spring Break

Our heated pool was awesome. I want one at home :)

We walked down to the jetty. Killed our feet on the crushed shells there.

The guys played tennis after dinner. I was the ball girl.

Sittin' on the curb by the parking garage.

Sam working on his NCAA brackets.

We were on the 3rd level of the building behind me.

There was only one disappointing thing about the trip. It was in the '70's and '80's back home instead of the usual 20-30 degrees. Such a strange non-winter. Came home to people more tan than we were!! No rubbing-it-in this year!!


Cole said...

Beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing. I must disagree with you on one point...70's and 80's on the beach is always better! You can still rub that in! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics Mary !! you look sooo relaxed and having a good time - PERFECT !!!
You had some hunky men to hang with as well !!
Thinking of you !