Monday, April 2, 2012


* Spent three days in Fargo with my folks. So enjoyed that.

* Came home to a weekend of 89 and 93 degree weather. I actually turned on my A/C for 3 hours on just got pretty stifling. APRIL FIRST?? A/C????

* Dick is painting our house. Going from beige (which never matched the dark cream colored brick) to cream, and changing out the color of all the shutters for a whole new look. Should be a nice change.

* My side effects are no better, but I am handling them better emotionally. That helps. I have been fighting them instead of accepting them and that technique wasn't workin' for me! I see the doc tomorrow and we'll see what he has to say. My niece and nephew's good friend had a stroke while running yesterday and his brain swelling is very serious. When I think about that, I quickly shut my mouth and thoughts about bowel obstructions and arthralgia in my legs. I have nothing to complain about.

* Really interested in the 60 Minutes story last night on the toxicity of sugar. AND its relationship to cancer. Too many oncologists are not telling patients about how sugar feeds cancer cells. I will admit how much I miss sugar/desserts, but I am doing pretty well on starving those cancer cells (I did succumb to one and a half ice cream cones on vacation). This afternoon I made a blueberry pie (yes, we still have berries left from the summer) with my substitute xylitol and I don't think one could tell the difference in a taste test!

Thank you for continued prayers for healing!! 

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Gretchen said...

I saw that 60 Minutes and thought of you! I'm glad you watched. Had to feel good to hear some validation after starving yourself of "the good stuff." As a fellow lover of "sweet poopies," I can only tell you that I am in utter awe of your ability to abstain! :) Love and miss you!!!