Friday, April 27, 2012


My body and mind are tired of dealing with more "issues." The orthopedist is referring me to a colleague who is an oncological orthopedist and deals with radiation side effects. My right leg has lost 1", which is not a good sign. Something is degenerating or collapsing and we need the truth. I keep wondering if the chemo or the new bone drug I am taking is contributing to this. (Ask me how ticked I will be if that is true). So on May 9th, I will do that. I have to admit being pretty down yesterday, but I had to keep reminding myself that this is man's view, not God's view. He can heal my leg as surely as I believe He is healing my cancer. In the wake of all that news, I forgot to take my chemo last night until 4 hours later and when I did, it was on an empty stomach with not enough water. The pill got stuck in my esophagus, causing great pain and heartburn. I spent the night mostly awake, vomiting and fainting and trying to bear the pain in my upper stomach. I've spent the day today on the sofa with workmen in the kitchen in and out....I didn't even care. Am just too mentally and physically spent. Some days, like today, I just want to wake up and have cancer be a bad dream.


Anonymous said...

You need a prayer date with your Aaron and Hur! MR and I WILL find a day to come over this next week and we will knock loudly on the THRONE ROOM DOOR!! luvu/prayin' in the meantime. Ju

Cole said...

Mary, I think of that majestic view God has and how much better it is than our own. It's the focus to have in this time of stackable issues that feel like they're mounting up high.

He sees the day you will be completely healed and knows just how glorious it will be! Honestly, I was praying for your wish last night...that you would wake up and feel like it was all a bad dream yet realize the miracle of it.

That day is coming, Mary and we'll never stop lifting each and every need up in prayer as we wait for that time to arrive. Love you!

Pipsylou said...

Ugh! I am so frustrated you haven't been getting my comments! Oh well.

I had commented that I was praying and praying for you and thinking about you so much. Please update when you can.

And Dick is a GEM putting together the microwave cart for you! I think husbands should get a medal of valor when they attempt such things! ;)