Thursday, April 12, 2012


While my kitchen is torn up with no counters or sink, I am spending more time in the den going through files and storage containers and drawers that do not get an evaluation-as-to-whether-to-keep-or-throw very often. It is a pain, but I am a toss-it-out minimalist by nature, so as the garbage bag fills, so does my level of delight and satisfaction. The fun thing is finding items you have no memory this pic of Sam......I know he was about 11 months old and starting to run.... he must have stopped for a minute for the picture. THIS, I keep!!

Saw my oncologist this week. Whined about my side effects from the chemo drug, and told him that when I am PET-scanned in 7 weeks, if there are no discernible changes in the cancer activity, I am OFF this drug the next day. He agreed. SO, it seems, I must "suck it up" for another 7 weeks and I can do that. I am so fortunate to have such a compassionate and understanding doc and his equally empathetic and helpful lung cancer program nurse advocate (Carole) hike with me through the muck of cancer. 

Not eating sugar is getting easier as my sweet husband is sort of forced into the same boat by default. I refuse to bake any more, and he doesn't ask any more, so we are adjusting to dessert-less meals. He may head to the bakery once a week and satisfy his sweet tooth, but he doesn't tell me about it. But let me tell you, watching Sam eat a chocolate marshmallow bunny on Easter afternoon created one longing moan from this mouth!!


Cole said...

I understand the sweet tooth going hungry! This year walking down the Easter candy aisle at Target nearly knocked me off my 2 year diet against it! I wanted to dive headlong into the shelves of Reese's peanut butter eggs, Robin eggs, jelly beans, etc with my mouth wide open.

Didn't happen, BUT...I have hope for you! 2 and possible 3 recipes that are yummy desserts WITHOUT sugar. They do have agave, but I figure as long as I only have them a few times a year I'm good. I'll send them to you this weekend!!!

Praying you through the next 7 weeks and beyond!

Pipsylou said...

Oh, man, do I EVER feel you on getting rid of junk! I have just started CHUCKING anything that isn't nailed down. I am so tired of CRAP!

Love you. Thank you for the update. I am always wondering but know you must tire of questions from well-meaning people!

Now. I have two lovely little ladies to get to bed and then I am off to relax myself!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you!
XO Linda

Gretchen said...

That photo is face-meltingly adorable. Those EYES! Come on!!!