Friday, June 29, 2012


The days are racing by; our summer is almost half over. For 10 months every year, we look forward to the lake life that we love and then it passes in a flash. We are attacking our long list of projects and  find their completion (and subsequent crossing-off the list) quite satisfying.

My parents have taught me myriad lessons over my lifetime. Most of the teaching has been verbal, but the lesson I value right now is the one they are teaching me without words. Both of them live with daily pain, and yet they press on, push through it, live their lives. I watch them and as their daughter, I feel like I can do no less. The standard they have set is high. And so I live my life. If I have to wince, I do. But I will not let the devil steal my life with pain. So, in spite of leg and back pain, I do all I can.

This week, I replaced the rotting deck down by the fire pit. I just have the new railing to put up to finish it off. My back needed lots of breaks, but I got the base done. I love using the power screwdriver.....I feel like a real carpenter!! As hard as berry picking is on my back, it is tradition out here, and we went out and got 10 quarts yesterday! We also went canoeing up the creek behind our woods for the first time this summer. Pushing through....
I am most excited about our Monday night home group studying divine healing. Having our friends Lee and James and Penny and Bob be of one mind in the belief that God still heals through His promises and through faith has bolstered Dick’s and my faith by leaps and bounds. We three couples are passionate about praying for the sick, and we expect miracles because God is still a miracle maker.

I have had a strong faith that I am being healed of cancer for a long time. And these fellow believers have made it even stronger. With a certainty based on God’s will that all be healed, I believe my healing is accomplished. (Faith is the evidence of things not yet seen. Heb 11:1) I only await “proof” that men’s eyes can see. The day is close at hand. The Holy Spirit is at work in this home, in our group, and we hope, in the lives of many sick people in our community and church up here. This is what Dick, Sam and I think about lung cancer:

Sam was able to come home last weekend and we are grateful to him for making the long drive from the Twin Cities. We fished and he skied and we played games and watched old sitcoms. I know cooking for himself this summer makes Mom’s home-cooked meals extra appreciated too! It was so good to have him home!
I had my first oncology appointment today. This new oncologist really only had to OK my labs, order my Xgeva shot and send me on my way. Best moment: He said, "Heck, you are doing so well, I don't really need to see you next month. Come in and get your shot in July and get back to the lake." I was doing mental dances!!  You have no idea how nice it is NOT to need infusions any more!! No more 4-needle stick nightmares!!

The beavers had a productive spring on the creek bed.

NO fish!!

Demo of the old railings

Screwing down the new planks
Happy July 4th!!


Cole said...

I know treatments are leaving pain behind, but Mary you look amazing!!! I'm so thrilled about the couples you've met and pray with, they sound like they were sent as a bolster shot for your summer at the lake! ;) I can't wait to hear more about them.

Just every way...

Anonymous said...

Mare, you look fabulous!!! & lovin that lake life !
Keep having fun !