Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am quite sure that my blog will be primarily on hiatus this summer. Using our rural dial-up is almost intolerable. For instance, to attach a picture to an email and send it…..a 20 second process with high-speed internet…..takes us about 35 minutes. Every click of the mouse is a 5-15 minute wait. You can understand why we are not using the computer very much.
Sam is thoroughly enjoying his internship in Minneapolis, though discouraged with the job market. Seasonal part-time jobs are not easy to snag, but he continues to look. In the meantime, sitting in the press box at Twins’ games, going to Gardy’s press conferences, learning the ropes at KFAN radio, and being able to meet some of the big names in Minnesota sports broadcasting has been exciting for him.
I am learning to live with 24/7 pain in both legs now. My radiated leg has always been the one giving me pain, but I now am dealing with it in my left leg as well. We really don’t understand why. It could be a chemo side effect. OTC drugs do nothing to alleviate it. For 30 years I have taught gerontology and have spoken very objectively about chronic pain in the lives of elderly people. If only I had known all those years what it really was like. Pain changes you. I find myself not as energetic, not as sociable, not the “me” that I have been. For the long haul, it is just another problem that I need to have faith that God will heal. If divine healing is for all infirmities and illnesses, then this qualifies, and I will hang in there until my healing is complete. Waiting on God’s timing, persevering while wanting to say, “WHEN, Lord??” has kept me very humbled.
Dick and I are in a Bible study on Monday nights with 2 other couples and we are studying divine healing. It is so awesome to have 4 people to come alongside of us who know God’s promises in scripture about healing, and who are on the exact same page as we are in terms of having faith for healing. We are grateful that God has provided this rich time for us with these great lake friends.
We have our annual mile-long list of TO DO’s around here. Upkeep on this place is continual, and the work never seems to lighten up. We came up to a war zone this year. A late spring heavy blizzard downed hundreds of trees on our 26 acres and left many others bent at 90 degrees and needing to be cut down. With my back pain, I can’t help with any of that work like I used to, so Dick has been going it alone and it is back-breaking work. There is a great deal more to do, but he is daily making dents in the carnage. I owe him! That said, we love every minute in the woods. Love falling asleep to the loons' cries. Love the breezes off the lake while laying on the dock. Love the campfires under the stars. It is soul-renewing here in the "quiet deep."
Blessings to all of you who are still peeking in on my blog to check up on me. I will try to keep up a little more frequently. In the meantime, I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

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Cole said...

I saw a picture depicting Jesus' time of rest and prayer in the wilderness as He was renewed and prepared for the task ahead. I immediately thought of you in the woods...allowing God to give you rest, while basking in His glory that surrounds you as you pray and wait upon His timing. It was such a serene scene in my mind. I didn't allow the tree cutting or maintenance issues in the vision! ha!