Wednesday, November 28, 2012


       Thanksgiving has come and gone and Sam is back at school. We had a great 4 days together. Played games, watched football and a movie, got our tree picked out and decorated and saw a few of Sam's high school friends. It was relaxing and slow-paced, just how we like it!

Sam with good friends Laura, Patrick, and the sounds of laughter
coming from the basement rec room again....

Sam made the pecan pie for Thanksgiving dinner (I contributed the crust) and it was  great!

Resting our bellies after dinner

Sam's and my annual Thanksgiving cut-out cookie making (with one eye on the football game!)

My favorite son

Got our tree up and decorated

I am trying to learn life all over again with only 1 good eye. This vitreous detachment has made my vision a source of constant irritation and frustration. Grief over the loss has become just sadness over what I will not have again. Even if it improves, I will not ever have the eyesight I once had unless God heals it. But I am trying hard to cope, and I do rejoice when 10 seconds goes by without the "greasy contact" floating by. It is usually an every 3-4 second occurrence. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!

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Cole said...

What beautiful pictures! :) So many reasons to be thankful!!

Just as God is healing your lungs and your legs, He will heal those cells in your eyes as well! My strength was greatly diminished over past week and He renewed my hope and solidified my faith in such an obvious way yesterday it brought me joy!

P.S. My cousin (who was diagnosed w/ thyroid cancer this summer at 39 y.o.) just found out yesterday that all of her scans from the last two weeks came back CLEAR! Praise God!!!