Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Despite the constant knee pain and the blurry vision in my right eye, I am feeling better than I have in months. I am working out and no longer have the Milk of Magnesia Helpline on speed dial. I've gained back 4 of the 7 pounds I lost and feel great about that. I really like being on the half-dose of the chemo, but with the last PET results, I know my doc wants me to give the full dose another try. I see a gastroenterologist tomorrow. I will talk with my oncologist tomorrow after I see the GI and we will nail down the protocol to try next. Sam will be home soon for a leisurely spring break, and we are always excited when the family is back together. The 3 of us love spending time together.


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Cole said...

That is SO wonderful to hear!! :) Made my day!

Hope you guys have a much deserved, relaxing spring break together!! Love you!