Sunday, August 24, 2014


I am out of the woods and plugged in again. There is an element of relief to be disconnected from people's ability to "access" you at any time. I did not miss cell phone (dumb phone, for me) calls and texts (I got some, missed some), and I did not miss Facebook or email for the most part. What I did miss A LOT was the ability to hear my son on sports talk radio via internet live stream. At the lake, we cannot access any Mpls radio stations on our satellite radio (though we DO get a crystal clear WCCO----best TV newscasts ever) so without a computer, we could not hear all the times he was on. It feels like having your kid be a starter on the football team and not going to the game. He has been getting more air time on 105 The Ticket (the Twin Cities' newest sports talk radio) and we are so proud of him, but it has been miserable not being able to tune in.

And so this Monday, Tuesday and Friday, you can guess where I will be at 2-3 each day: listening to the Michael Knight show on my computer and waiting for my son's mouth to open and wax on about the Vikings/Twins/Wolves/Gophers. Best part about being "plugged in" again for sure!!

I will get some pictures from the summer up this week sometime. My goal for this week is to try to get our lives re-organized from unpacking hastily, and to get some answers for my lung issues. I have had a great deal of shortness-of-breath this summer as well as wheezing that "whistles" and "honks." My mind, naturally, has thought of all the "what if's," and I worry about the cancer having spread to my air passages. To that end, I have a CT scheduled for Tuesday and will get the results on Thursday, so I should know what has happened. I pray it is NOT the worst case scenario.

Nice to chat with y'all again!

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Rachel J said...

So glad to see you back! i missed you!