Tuesday, September 23, 2014


It is perhaps the hardest night the Hieb family has faced yet. Dad has taken a turn for the end, and as I said in an earlier post, we will walk our dad home together. 

The gut-wrenching reality for me is that this daily radiation did not allow me to hop in my car and leave this afternoon. My doctor said I could take Friday off and not compromise what we have already done. 

If Dad lives through the night, I may just go tomorrow anyway and skip 2 treatments, trusting that God will honor my choice to hold my pop one more time and preserve my radiation effects.

Please pray for our family, that the grief would not overwhelm our souls, and that we might walk out the end of the journey with grace.

I have the most amazing dad any girl could have and the blessings have been abundant my whole life long. I will miss him more than any words could say.

Thank you for uplifting us in prayer right now.

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Cole said...

Oh Mary, I'm so mad at myself for just seeing these posts tonight! I have been in prayer for you each and every day...on my knees...begging God for a hedge of protection around you against the evil that continues to torcher you.

You and your whole wonderful family are in my prayers as you face yet another painful step in this journey.

Mary, I believe that his heart is united with Our Savior and pray that your heart is at ease in knowing that.

Love you and praying for your strength, dear friend!!