Monday, April 13, 2015


Last Sunday evening, I took a bad fall at a gas station. If my muscle weakness was not so prounounced, I would have caught my trip with my right leg, but I do not have that capacity on steroids, and so I fell head first onto the cement. I am grateful to God that it did not slice my head open, but I landed face first, and within seconds, Dick saw the beginnings of what was to come.

The left side of my face is black and purple, and when you add that to my incredible bloating, I do look like a freak show of sorts.

The devil has tried his level best all week to assault me with lies and his own special brand of reassurances that falling is the first step toward the end. He wears on my spirit and my soul and I hardly have the strength to fight him. I am so grateful to my prayer warriors for surrounding me and letting me "rest" in the promise that God is doing the battling for me.

I still am looking about 7 months pregnant with no neck left. I have 2 pairs of stretch pants that I have worn now daily for 6 weeks. Only pairs of pants that fit underneath the big belly. I still can't do stairs or squat. My head is still very foggy and disconnected to my body (like chemo-brain). 

Wednesday is supposed to be my last dose of the Dexamethasone, but I know the effects do not reverse themselves immediately. My niece Anna has a pharmacist friend who she is going to consult today and see if she can give me an "average" length of time before the changes will begin. 

Please pray that the tide will begin to turn in time so that I might be able to buy a dress for Sam's wedding. I only have 6 weeks to try to look anything like Mary Hieb again, and I am storming the heavens over it. Those of you who think of me occasionally, please join in in that prayer!!!

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