Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Our family is humbled once again by God bestowing His favor upon me. My brain MRI this week yielded a good report. "Stable disease." There has been no progression in any brain tumor activity. Praise the Lord for this! 

They feel that the excruciating breakthrough headache last week was due to getting off the steroids too quickly. It could never be too quickly for me, but this is what is needed. So of course, they started me back on them last week and once again, I cannot walk stairs, squat or take walks. My belly is 16 pounds of bloat and I am wired up once again all night. Tomorrow I can reduce by 2 mg for another week, and then reduce by 1 mg for another week and then I can actually go off of them. I SO need to regain some sense of health here.

But the bottom line is that God is protecting my brain and all that is inside of it, and we are so so so grateful.

Thank you so much for your prayers. They have been heard!!


Betsy (Hieb) Levar said...

I love you, Auntie M! xox

Cole said...

So grateful for the protection and praying for the return of your health and finding some 'normal' ground once again. Thank You, Jesus!!!