Thursday, September 17, 2015


This is just a quick update for my family and close friends who have been wondering about my biopsy results in Denver. Finally heard from my doctor. Here he is, this world-reknown researcher, making his own phone calls and talking with me as if he hadn't another task to accomplish all day. He even laughed about my new email address. He explains everything so clearly. Love this guy.

The biopsy of the fluid around my lung is cancerous. But the growing tumor has NO cancer! Amazing. 

God is healing me in small steps. While I have asked Him many times for the more immediate supernatural healing, He has chosen to mete out my healing slowly: the leg tumor, the tumors squeezing my bronchus, and now this new one. 

I am asking God, in the name of Jesus, to suck that fluid right out of there by the next scan!! Dr. C gave me a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. We are starting with Plan nothing.

I had my brain scan yesterday and made it thru without coughing....had many praying people covering that base. Results on Monday.

Five years and one month with Stage 4 cancer. Am very thankful today and every day to my Savior Healer.

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