Wednesday, September 9, 2015


If anything is growing inside of me, it is going to get big. More delays. I woke up with a sore throat on Monday which rapidly mushroomed into a full-blown head cold, cough, and sinus infection. I have not been sick for 5 years (I had to become a germaphobe to some degree to accomplish that), and had forgotten how miserable "the crud" is. I obviously could not have have my brain MRI with all my coughing so that has been rescheduled for next Wednesday and I will have results on the 21st. I hope and pray the cough will be gone by next week. I am so ready to have this done. I am yet waiting on my doctor in Denver. I wonder if the long wait means I have something so rare that they need to research it before calling me.

I know how I got sick. I worked on Friday, and one little boy I was sitting with at a table kept sneezing and coughing at me. I turned my head around each time, but I don't think I escaped it all. 48 hours later, boom. The way I feel today, I could quit my job!!

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