Thursday, May 19, 2016


A happy and positive start to the summer. I got my brain scanned this week and heard good news. Of the original 16 tumors (8 in each hemisphere of the brain) and more little lesions "too many to  count," 1.5 years ago, today they saw only 5 small tumors, stable or decreasing in size. My Healer God is faithful and true to His word. 

Richie and I took a load up to the cabin and lived to tell the tale of snowfall on Opening Fishing Saturday. It was 30 for a HIGH that day and we got about an inch of snow. Nobody was fishing. The whole 5 days we were there were very cold. Was wishing I had my winter parka. I got a lot of reading done! We got the water on, but my hearty husband even turned down the opportunity to get in the lake to put the dock in. Wonder why.

Fishing Opener morning. 25 degrees

Richie's retirement party-----for any friends in the area who want to come----is June 1, 3:30-5 at the Med School atrium. Short program at 4. 

It's beginning to look alot like summer out there. Enjoy it, all.

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Anonymous said...

Great news Mary !! I am hoping this summer is a fantastic one for all of you!
the Lord has you in his hands Mar and is keeping you safe !