Monday, May 9, 2016


On Friday was the Hooding Ceremony (essentially their private graduation ceremony) for Dick's 3rd year graduates. I had to go this year since it would be his last. 

Retirement is bittersweet. 

The students asked him if he would be their keynote speaker again this year. He did a great job of inspiring and challenging them in their profession and reminded them to keep their job in perspective.

At one point, 2 of the students got up and surprised Dick with gifts from the class and with a testimony of his "brilliant teaching" and his appreciated "wisdom". They said some other wonderful and funny things about him. I was moved to tears. They were grateful that he was so patient answering their "dumb questions." (I thought to myself, he gets a lot of practice at home!!).

Keynote Speaker

The class had a few words and some gifts.

After graduation, Slagle Hall

Dick's PT Faculty colleagues

Dr. Ekstrom, retiring after 46 years in the field of
Physical Therapy

Dick also received the very well-deserved designation of Professor Emeritus of the University of SD. Another reason to smile.

He will teach summer school, have a retirement party on June 1 (to which all are invited), then we will go up to the cabin mid-June. Retirement, here we come!!

SO SO proud of you, Richie!! Everywhere you have worked, you have done so with great integrity and abounding knowledge. Your students were are both brilliant and wise!

Love you past the moon.

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Dick !! you have touched sooo many in your years of teaching. Have fun with retirement !
My Dave took the retirement plunge as well- as of May 3rd !! Big changes but good ones for sure!
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy !
Jo Kirn