Tuesday, March 21, 2017


So thankful to still be able to travel to Florida every spring break. Richie and I spent a week alone and then Sam and Gretchen came the second week. Had a very fun time. We followed through with all our "traditions".....Der Dutchman restaurant (where you leave when you are finally in a food coma), Kilwin's ice cream cones, Smuggler's Cove mini-golf, shuffleboard and pool. Lots of walks on the beach. After 30 years, we finally went and saw the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

My chemo prevents me from sun exposure so I had to be completely covered at all times, but I just put on my long-sleeved swimsuit and big hat and went to "sun" myself around the pool.The heat felt wonderful. After being bald and even now, having ugly kinky hair that doesn't grow, I am really beyond caring what others think of how I look. Cancer frees you in the realm of self-image.

The first day I laid out, I was 100% covered, except for the bottoms of my feet which I gave no thought to. Well, 15 minutes later, they were very burned and we had to run to CVS for lidocaine to try to deal with the pain. (it didn't help) Thus, shoes needed.

Here are a few pictures of our week.



Ice cream cones at Kilwin's

My most-beloved family

Celebrating being alive!!

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