Thursday, March 23, 2017


I interrupt this programming to shamelessly share with you a clip of Sam's play-by-play in a quarter final game in the state MN basketball tournament yesterday. He got the call for the game involving the #1 seed in the 4-A division. The game's last half was especially good, but the last 5 minutes were really good, and the last 15 seconds were great. Sam's call is of the tie-game's last 2 seconds.

The clip has had 90,000 views and has been on ESPN and WCCO and a Sports Illustrated website. The way the whole thing came together has God's hand prints plastered all over it. I take great comfort in knowing God has a plan for Sam's life.....a plan to prosper him (Jer 29:11). Who knows what could evolve in Sam's future someday from someone who heard him broadcasting yesterday? 

It is pretty cool clip. Tears spring into my eyes every time I watch. Note that the last scorer had not scored the entire game. Check it out.

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Kazy Mollet said...

How exciting. You should be proud. Good for him.