Sunday, January 22, 2012


Like an ugly shroud, depression has found its way to cover me. I have battled my whole life with a link between physical illness and depression. Since January 3, there has just been a steady assault of side effects, symptoms and medical problems which have kept accumulating and I finally fell flat on my face from the weight of it all. I have a tough 2 weeks coming up with a PET scan's results and a new chemo drug, so any and all prayers for emotional wholeness would be appreciated. Thanks.


Chris said...

Will pray that God will lift you up, Mary!

Risa said...

Depression is not a God-thing. I will pray that God can raise you up above this shroud. On eagles wings will you soar!


Anonymous said...

Mary,It is hard not to get down, allow it, have a good cry, then send it on it's way- you are strong! Don't look too far ahead, we have no idea what is out there, but you do have today, and today is a GOOD day.
Always thinking of you!!

Gretchen said...

That pesky Hieb depression/anxiety gene– I'm familiar. I'm praying that it moves on quickly. There is nothing worse than feeling that depression cloud set in.

Just know that as N&P say, "This too shall pass." ...Even when it doesn't feel like it.

I love you past the moon and I'm so proud of you. Look how far you have come on this journey and how much you have been through and accomplished.

Thinking of you always.

Love, Gretch