Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am slowly getting better from the bronchitis. I am not using my voice....even with Dick I say little. Every time I converse I cough, so I just don't do it (that's why the answering machine is picking up, friends, and I am not calling you back). Today I am venturing out for 2 errands, the first time out of the house in 9 days. I hope the exertion won't make things worse. My back is still really sore....the pain is emanating from my's a weird one. But Dick started treating it last night and I have full faith in him that it will get better as he works on it.

Had to post this picture for my friends on the west coast and in the south.......this was Sam out shooting hoops on January 5!!! It should have been 10 below zero!! We've had an insane winter of no snow and many 50 degree days. This day, it was over 60!

We snapped this before Sam got in his car and left to go back to school last week. It was awesome having him home for almost 4 weeks. I told him before he left that there will never be a time, til the day I die, that I won't miss him when he is not home......I guess that is just every mother's heart.

Thank you so much for praying. This has been a rough 2 weeks physically and emotionally, and your prayers have kept me afloat. I need to get fully recovered before trying this new chemo drug in less than 2 weeks, so please keep praying that I will be 100% by then. These coughs tend to linger.

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Cole said...

I'm definitely praying for your strength and for the upcoming scan!! I'm not depending on it, but hoping it will reveal more of God's glory to those who need to *see* the proof. So thankful for your improvements!!