Thursday, August 30, 2012


I had two doc appointments in the city today. My right knee has been increasingly painful over the summer (unrelated to the arthralgia in my two legs from chemo) and the orthopedist wants an MRI of it next week to rule out a meniscus tear. They wanted me to do a closed MRI, but I flatly told them they would NOT get me into that tunnel. No way. 3 Xanax wouldn't even do it. So, we are both compromising and I will do the upright MRI which has better imaging than the flat open MRIs apparently.

I told my oncologist that I felt I did not need to see him every month any longer. I am taking my chemo daily without incident, and I can get my Xgeva shot here in town every other month. He was totally on board. This saves me a chunk of money in co-pays for office visits and a chunk of gas money as well. I was confident in making this decision and I was relieved that he agreed to it. My cancer doc is great.

I drove home circuitously to see Sam, deliver chocolate chip cookies and a textbook from Amazon that didn't arrive before he left, and give him a new thick memory foam mattress to top his horribly hard bunk mattress (or what all colleges try to pass off as mattresses). It was good to see the apartment "put together"...... of course any mother would say it needs a woman's touch, but hey, if they like a living room consisting of stadium sofa seating (3 sofas) and 2 TV's and nothing else, who am I to judge?? He likes most of his classes, or at least thinks they will be tolerable. Got himself a second job (in addition to broadcasting for his work study job) at Casey's gas station/convenience store. Hope he can juggle it all.

I've been gone since 8 this morning and am pooped down to my toes. Lots of driving and lots of waiting on doctors. Headed to the sofa to watch the Vikings win? lose? It's a toss-up.

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