Sunday, April 7, 2013


This is my 15 minutes per day out of bed. That's all it takes to exhaust me. Was blindsided with influenza last Thursday....the day I was supposed to leave for Fargo, and I have been down ever since. It is ugly stuff. I pretty much just lay there and want to die. I think if the fever would go down a couple degrees, I would feel human. Nevertheless, I make myself get up for a few minutes each day and do something. Shower or check email. Tonight it is a short blog. Born from the Final Four games last night.

My body aches too much to read, watch movies or do crosswords. But Dick had the games on last night and I watched with him from my germ-infested sofa. My interest took a nose-dive 2 weeks ago when my bracket was macerated on day 2 when Wichita took out Gonzaga, who I thought would take it all. Nonetheless, now I wanted the Shockers to beat Louisville. So I watched.

And it just made me frustrated. If only the grammar police had been out in force in the broadcast booths. It just made my headache even worse. I mean, really, people, I know the networks want "big names" and "big personalities," but wouldn't you think they would make sure the big names passed 4th-grade language arts?

"Him and Trey Burke are the two best......."

"They just have to play good next half. Not perfect. But they have to play very good."

"Those two starters may be as good as you and I."

And on and on it goes. 

Why did so many broadcasters and color commentators miss these basics in elementary school?

Him and Trey..... SERIOUSLY?

In a profession where the spoken word is the product, can't they do better than this? 

I just kept correcting every mistake softly to the TV. Maybe I should write to the networks. Even the consummate professional Jim Nantz blows it occasionally.

This is what our kids are hearing on TV sporting events. It's not just basketball, but football and baseball too. To be fair, they also hear bad grammar on sitcoms, cartoons and the playground. Maybe at home.

And so here is my suggestion for all you parents out there whose young sports lovers are going to be tuning in tomorrow night for the championship game. Give them a piece of paper and pen. Have them write down every occurrence of bad grammar they hear and then correct it. Tell them you will give them a quarter for every one they find. Watch their eyes light up when they see the dollar bills they have earned!

And, if they are NOT detecting any, perhaps it is time to supplement their teacher's teachings and do a little home schooling on the side. Maybe this generation can buck the trend one child at a time.

OK, back to my sofa to nurse my fevered body, my pained head, runny nose, dry cough and aching limbs. My 13 minutes are up.

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