Thursday, April 18, 2013


On February 8th, I wrote on my blog:

We praise God for a miracle healing for our friend Darrell up in Minnesota. Almost 5 years of being cancer-free from stage 4 colon cancer, they found a another tumor in the liver. We, and hundreds of others prayed for him, and especially that God would take that tumor out even before surgery. Well, they should have re-scanned him before his 6 hour surgery, because they COULD. NOT. FIND. THE. TUMOR.!! Our great Jehovah-Rapha, Healer God, dissolved the tumor!! No cancer! Sadly, he has to go through a long recovery from the surgery, but his testimony is awesome. Doubters that God still divinely heals today? Take note.

The following were Sandy's (Darrell's wife) words on his caringbridge site after the Jan. 26th surgery:

We continue to believe that God took care of a tumor in Darrell's liver. We do not believe the doctors made a mistake in diagnosis and did an unnecesasary surgery. The God of the Bible is a God of miracles. He did miracles then. He does miracles now. He is a God who heals. We believe it, claim it, and proclaim it. What Satan intended for evil.......I can't wait to see the impact of this whole situation on the Kingdom!

And then, On February 10th, they got word that Darrell's CEA levels had increased. Sandy wrote:

We covet your ongoing prayers for Darrell's recovery.  Additionally, we are concerned about the CEA level, which measures the cancer cell activity.  This has increased, but we don't know why.  We continue to stand on the belief that God is our Healer, and ask that you would claim God's promises to heal Darrell (and each of us) from infirmities/diseases.

You can imagine the jolt that was. The miracle was theirs, and yet there were more cancer cells somewhere? Clearly, Satan was not giving up on his attempts to derail my friend's life.

But he didn't get very far. No weapon formed against those who believe can prosper! The call came from Sandy last night. Another CEA level was taken yesterday. NO CANCER CELLS! It was perfectly normal! And while the doctor's office is stammering with ways to explain this.....and cannot......Darrell was able to loudly proclaim that His God is a divine Healer today. NO CANCER. PRAISE GOD!!

The thrill of his healing is beyond words for me. To see the answer to our (so many people) prayers claiming the healing that God has promised us by the stripes of is so amazing. 

Am I jealous? Of his healing? Not for one millisecond. I am over the moon thrilled. But of his new testimony, being able to go and talk about God as Healer to people who need to hear that truth? Oh, man am I jealous!! I talk to people about faith healing all the time, but Darrell now has scientific proof of his healing. Mine can't be seen yet on a scan. So, I am green with envy that he gets the amazing blessing and privilege of testifying to God's miraculous powers to heal people, backed up with "proof." 

To God be the glory!!!!!

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Cole said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!! I am filled with goosebumps and my heart is racing I'm so thrilled for your dear friend!! I, too, cannot wait for the day you can hang those results we already know from your hand and say "I told you so!" to those who hold doubts. The hearts that will grasp onto that belief that day...oh what a happy day to think about as we stand firm on His promise that you are healed!!