Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I was putting this picture of my folks in a new frame and thought, gee, wouldn't it be nice if my high school and college friends who knew my parents could see this picture of them now. And so I thought to myself, I'll just post this picture of Ed and Pat.

And as soon as my brain said their names, I started smiling because a long forgotten memory surfaced and it tickled me. Amongst my friends, we ALWAYS called our parents by their first names! And I don't know why or how it started or exactly when, but at least all through high school it was always:

     Chet and Helen said I had to be home by midnight.

     I had another argument with Bob and Betty before I left home.

     Arvilla has to call Pat to talk about our trip before they'll let us go.

     Morris has to fix something on my car.

     Did Alta really say that?

     Anna and Joe would be so proud of you!

     Rollie and Bernice can't come to the game.

     Ed thinks my skirt is too short.

And on and on....

We NEVER used the mom and dad monikers. Why?

And now, I am wondering, was it a Jamestown thing? A North Dakota thing? Was it just OUR class? Was it just "our group" within our class? I have no idea! Or is this something that all teens do? I need to ask my son if he and his friends did this. 

What a funny memory....

Well, I know I have a couple of classmates who peek at my blog once in while, and they knew my folks and so, for them......

Here are Ed and Pat, still lookin' great for 88 and 92!!


Cole said...

I remember trying it for a very brief moment in time, until my Mom heard me and reminded me of all she went through to be my Mother and I would call her by no other name. I stopped, but my friends continued and some of them still do it today. :)

What a beautiful picture of your parents! I can *see* how much they love and adore one another, what a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Mary , What a great pic of your mom and dad! Sooo sweet, you can still see the twinkle in their eyes for each other! Loved it!
Think of you SO often good buddy and each time I smile from ear to ear !