Friday, May 3, 2013


I have been home briefly after 5 days in Fargo helping Mom and Dad with the packing/sorting/discarding process. I will return on Sunday and they will make the actual move next next. I am being reminded of so many things which I will write about soon.

In the meantime, the days here at home have allowed me to re-group, sleep, take care of 3 medical appointments, and reconnect with friends. Today I get to drive over to Dordt (Dick has graduation activities from 9:30-5 and to his great disappoint can't go) to view the premiere of Sam's documentary film being shown to the student body. He's put in more hours on this than he ever thought he would, and I cannot wait to see the finished product. A proud mom I will be in that auditorium!

I am so excited for the week of the 11th of May. Sam and I are going to spend a week alone at the cabin before he moves his gear to Minneapolis for the summer. The ice may not be out, and we won't have a boat to tool around in, and any fish caught may have to be through a hole in the ice, but we will have 6 whole days to catch up after 2nd semester and hang out together. I can't wait. We will miss the Third Musketeer, but he is happy Sam and I get this time together.

Pray that my folks' move goes smoothly, that the transition will be positive, and that they would have no medical issues next week (we had a few emergencies last week and could do without any additional drama next week). Thanks for praying!

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Cole said...

I will definitely be praying (you've been added to two more prayer lists of those standing in God's promise of healing) and can't wait to hear about all of it!!