Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It is no wonder I never knew Truth until I started canvassing Scripture about healing. Truth about God, who He REALLY is, and what His will REALLY is, apart from what I have heard all my life. 

Somewhere along the line, Christians have come to believe that God sends us pain. He inflicts cancer, he breaks up marriages, he sends financial ruin, he tears apart families, he grabs our joy, peace and patience. He does it to refine our character. I hear it ALL. THE. TIME. 

It is such blasphemy.

That anyone, let alone one of His followers, believes that our amazing Creator wants us to suffer is so against everything Jesus came to earth to teach us. 

John 10:10 is key here. SATAN comes to kill, steal and destroy. JESUS came that we (believers) might have life and have it ABUNDANTLY! Where along the line have preachers, teachers, and believers in general gotten off the track and decided that God is the one who has come to destroy, steal and kill? What a heinous lie! And yet, I hear it all the time. "I  know God sent this into my life to make me more patient/loving/a better person (fill in the blank)."

It's a blessed result when people can take some good from the tough lessons in life. But the tough times are NEVER initiated by our Lord, our Father, our heavenly Dad. NEVER. And the only reason people can glean some good out of them is because God is ever present and ever willing to turn it all to good for us.(Rom 8:28) He has to come in and mop up Satan's messes every single day, every month, every season of our lives. 

If we persevere through the trials that Satan sends, can our faith and our character be developed? 

Sure it can. Because God is working in that trial as I said, to clean up Satan's mess. God can use trials in good ways, we all know that. But again, the problem is that too many Christians still think that if we are being refined in some way, then it must have come from God's hands.

If God sent evil and heartache into our lives, and yet says He is our comforter, our binder-of-wounds, our healer, our deliverer.......well, just how twisted is THAT? People believe that God sends the heartache, but is right around the corner to bandaid up what He sent? 


That's almost calling God narcissistic, isn't it?

Satan rides roughshod over the earth. He does a fine job of inflicting sin and sickness all by himself. He doesn't need any help to do his job.

Any of you who are parents......is there anything you desire more than to have your children increase in character and spiritual/emotional stature and integrity? Is there a parent who does not long for their child to live an abundant life with their needs met? Is there a parent (aside from an abusive parent) who would intentionally INFLICT their children with poverty, ill health, financial ruin, or evil to teach them lessons about living an abundant life? 

I don't think so.

Would our heavenly Father, who loved us enough to send His own beloved son to die for our sins, intentionally inflict His kids with grief and pain?

I KNOW He doesn't. Scripture is so clear on this.

Jesus paid the price for our abundant life and it was not cheap. The price He paid includes anything that we will ever need as long as we are on the earth, as well as eternal life. He paid the price for our joy and peace and health and prosperity and deliverance and wholeness. His death and resurrection delivered us who are believers from the power of darkness and set us into the kingdom of His son. (Col 1:13)

No matter how we look or feel, we are delivered from the authority of Satan. And that is why we have the right and authority to claim our abundance in the name of Jesus. It is already ours, but too many people are looking past that right and looking at God as if He is throwing heartache their way and wondering why. Too many Christians are believing they need to suffer for the Lord, suffer to be sanctified, suffer to offer up "sacrifices." 

People, we do not need to suffer for Christ. 


HE did the suffering. There is nothing more we need to do to be saved, least of all try to suffer enough to be "good enough" to earn God's love or His promises for this life.

Jesus is God manifested in the flesh, the visible representation of the invisible God. To know God's will is to look at Jesus and His ministry on earth. Was there even ONE instance in the Bible when someone asked Jesus for healing or forgiveness where He said, "Well, now, I gave that leprosy to you, lad, and I think it will help you develop patience and gratitude, so I'd like you to live with it for awhile. I'll consider healing you in a few years."

We see NO case studies in the gospels for Jesus wanting anything other than total healing and deliverance from evil and sin and lack. He pointed everyone toward abundant life through His miracles.

Further, Jesus, when He taught His disciples how to pray, giving them The Lord's Prayer, included a sentence that most people say mechanically, giving no thought to its profound truth. Jesus told them to pray, "THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN."

Oh. My. Goodness.

Jesus tells us that whatever God's will is in heaven, we are to claim it and call it down into our lives here on earth. Do you sense the import of that phrase? The amazing opportunity and blessing it really is? 

There is no cancer in heaven. Therefore cancer is not God's will. So I have claimed God's will for me here on earth is NOT to have cancer. And while I await the manifestation of that truth to the human eye through tests, I do not doubt for one second that it is truth. There is no stage 4 lung cancer in heaven. I refuse it here on earth.

There is no poverty in heaven. There is no anger, sadness, pain, sin, disease, marital problems, alcoholism, defeat, worry, doubt, or obstacles in heaven. None of these are God's will for us. Heaven is full of joy, health, victory, deliverance, love, and confidence. 

God dares us to take Him at His word. Pray, Jesus says, like this: Lord, you send me Your divine will for my life in heaven right down here to earth. I receive all you have for me in heaven to be mine here in this life on earth. 

Do you realize what a bold, amazing prayer that is?

That will is abundance. It is NOT pain and heartache. His will has never and will never be to infuse His kids with dysfunction and grief and fear and strife. That is Satan's realm.

I have put my stake in the spiritual land that I have discovered, and Satan can take lots of licks at me, but he cannot steal my land. I know who sends evil and sickness and sin and heartache. And I know Who the Healer and Comforter and Redeemer is. I know if the devil sends suffering my way that I have all power over all his power in Jesus' name because of Christ's victory over him. (Luke 10:19) And I know that my God wants my life to be one of blessing and health and joy and freedom, and nothing less. 

I thank God for showing me the Truth. 

And the Truth has set me free.

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Cole said...

So beautiful, Mary! I've got tears welling up as I thank God for loving us SO MUCH. I can't begin to know why so many preachers and leaders in churches don't believe the facts, the only thing I can think is that they're scared. Why else would they proclaim Him as the living God, who remains the same through all ages yet rob Him of His glory by watering Him down?

It breaks my heart to think of how I thought I deserved my suffering years ago and how many people believe that today. Oh how the Lord is using your testimony to bring His truth to so many who desperately need to hear it! Love you, Mare!