Friday, May 3, 2013


If excessive pride is a sin, then call me a sinner. My buttons were bursting tonight at Sam's documentary film. They filled the large science auditorium and the film was received with thunderous applause. So many people came up to the guys afterwards with compliments and thanks for documenting this extraordinary year of Dordt basketball. Sam, who produced and wrote the film, and Jake, who directed it, deserve high praise for such a professional, moving, (and humorous) piece of Dordt history. Since I couldn't say that in the auditorium, I will say it here!

These were the posters that were put up all over campus.

Sam, if you read this, know how proud your dad and I are of this accomplishment. We know how very hard you worked on this and the hours it took from sleep and "fun," but it paid off in a big way! Dad can't wait to see it! Oh the places you'll go..........

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Rachel J said...

Where can I see it???!!!! Congratulations, Sam!!!!!