Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am home for a few days, trying to reorganize my life before heading back to the lake. I had 3 boxes of things from my folks' move that I had to unpack and put somewhere, and in the process, found myself wanting to whittle down some of my own stuff, so I have piles everywhere. Back to the cabin. Find a place for. Goodwill. Downstairs storage. Sell on ebay next fall. You get the picture. It's a mess around here. Add to that, half my dining room is full of our major packing for the summer. I scrubbed down the lawn chairs today so I could escape outside where everything is neat.

I need to get everything resettled not just for the family that will be renting our home during the summer, but for my own mental health. My father and I share a gene that hates clutter. And I think the gene is reproducing this week as I look around and see clutter everywhere! 

Sam and I had 5 great days together at the lake before he moved to Minneapolis for the summer. He has an internship at the same sports radio station---KFAN---and got a part-time job at Casey's (convenience store/gas station). We are sure hoping he can come home for a weekend or two over the summer. He is well missed.

I went to the orthopedist today about my knee. He has no idea why it is so painful. He basically said that arthroscopic surgery would be the next step, if I can't live with it. It's my call. There is no diagnosis. Dick went with me and is advising me. The way I figure it, if God heals my knee over the summer, then surgery isn't needed. If it is still this bad, I will perhaps assume that God is going to use medical intervention to heal it. We'll see what happens over the next couple months. My sister-in-law and best friend have both had surgery (knee and back) in the past 3 weeks and see their 6-8 week recovery ahead and I do not really want to follow in their footsteps unless necessary.

My oncologist did not want to do another PET scan before I left for the summer, so it looks like we'll have to wait until September to see what the tumor is doing. IF it is still there. My faith bets on it being zapped out of there by then!

My goals for the summer are simple: listen to birds sing and loons call, read my Bible, pick blueberries and raspberries, read tons of books, fish, ski, enjoy our couple's Bible study, get a sunscreened tan, beat my husband at cribbage, and gain 6-8 pounds (I try so hard and just can't put the weight on......I have decided that chemo-constipation keeps one's weight up and when things are running smoothly in that regard and the colon is clean, the weight drops......I honestly have one pair of pants that fits me....Dick will verify that.....I have lost 4 inches on the waist and everything hangs down to my mid-thigh.....grrrrrr).

Wishing all of you who peek at this blog a very happy summer!!

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Risa said...

I'm an anti-clutter person too! There is a great benefit to cleaning out someone's house and then coming home to your own. ATTACK!! Gregg swears that if he doesn't keep moving he will be consigned!

Have a great summer, Mary!