Friday, November 14, 2014


I am strangely calm about the crossroad ahead for me. I am going to Denver next week to consult at the University of Colorado Cancer Center with the one researcher who has developed two generations of drugs that have shown some response to my type of cancer.

I clearly got the sign on Tuesday that the 2nd generation drug is not going to work for me.

This puts me at the "Y" in the road. Either Dr. C has another drug in the works for me to try, or God and I blow this pop stand and hit the road by ourselves.

Like I said, I am strangely calm. Call it faith. Call it unwavering trust in the One who loves me passionately and holds my life in His hands. By the end of next week I should have all the colors I need to paint the future picture of my life with cancer.

And now, can a mother shamelessly promote her son?

Sam has been named moderator and co-host of a new sports radio talk show in Minneapolis called The Wake-Up Call on Sunday mornings from 8-10. This is SO his element, and we are so proud of him and cannot wait to tune in. He was born to do this!!

If you are sitting around on Sunday morning and would like the up-to-the-minute scoop on the Timberwolves, Vikings, Gophers and Wild, you can tune in and hear the show at Click the large LISTEN LIVE link on the top of the webpage. If you want to tune in, but can't until later, you can access the show anytime via the PODCASTS link.

I would appreciate prayers for traveling mercies next week. This blast of winter weather could make driving less than easy, so please pray hedges of protection around the car!!

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Cole said...

Praying for protection, clear guidance for the picture painting and absolute praise for Sam's opportunity! He is directing this path and the Author of this story...every cell of your body knows it, even those nasty cancer cells know it. Give them their vacate notice and head west my dear friend. Love you!!