Saturday, November 8, 2014


It looks as if my insurance is going to cover the cost of a consultation at the University of Colorado. The researcher/physician who has been developing the chemo drugs to treat my specific type of cancer is going to assess all my medical records and meet with me to discuss my current situation. He will be able to tell me if the participants in the original clinical trials ever became "less sick" over time while taking this Zykadia, and will be able to tell me about anything new he has in the works for 3rd generation chemo drugs.

I am so tired of feeling sick every day. Dick and I are ready for me to regain my life. If Dr. K can offer me no hope for the side effects lessening (and there are many of them), and has nothing else I can try, I am going to go off the drug after my next PET scan on December 18.

So, it looks like we are Colorado-bound. I should be getting a call on Monday or Tuesday from them to set up the appointment. I am thinking we will able to do this in the next couple of weeks. Dick and I have not been on a road trip for many years. If I felt good, we would actually be looking forward to the new scenery. As it is, I can only hope that the driving will not increase my nausea or abdominal pain.

It will be good to get some answers, no matter the outcome.

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Cole said...

Praying for the entire trip-that every last detail would be ordained. Also for very specific answers to your questions and zero complications from the trip! Sending love to all of you as you prepare for this journey!