Saturday, February 18, 2017


For those of you who have wondered about the results of my Denver doctor's consult with me, I am relieved to tell you things are not dire. The new drug (his own) is not FDA approved and that is where my angst had its genesis. How long could I wait for this drug if mine is not working? Dr. K told me that April 29 is the federally mandated day that the FDA has to make a ruling. It could, by some miracle, become approved before that, but it HAS to be ruled on in 2 months. He sees no reason it won't go through. I would have access to it as soon as 2 weeks after it starts being distributed.

He wants me to stay on the chemo that is no longer effective, because it could be slowing any progression in the tumors until the new chemo is out. He was not too concerned about all the fluid in my lung cavity. My cancerous lung may be trapped (meaning, it won't descend into the cavity even after removing the fluid) so if I am not symptomatic, he wants me just to hold off on that. I guess it has good proteins along with the cancer cells! Go figure.
This is what they tapped out of me 2 weeks ago (a little over a quart). Hard to believe I didn't slosh when I walked!!

So the news is overall positive and I am not out of options, which I worried about. Looks like I can plan my summer! I am so blessed to have my Denver doctor who is such an expert in the type of cancer that I have that he is creating the chemo to combat it!!

Thank you for praying. Continue to pray that the FDA might come through earlier than April 29.

I continue to have faith in total healing someday. The drugs can't cure me, but God still can.

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Kazy Mollet said...

Prayers for you every day sweet Mary.