Monday, February 13, 2017



Dad is still in Nuremberg with friend Bob. He is becoming a shopper. Buying things for their future home back home. Hummels, musical beer steins; checking out Rosenthal and Limoges china sets, which they probably could never have afforded in the US. He tells Mom that they are going to leave Europe with some nice things, even if they don’t save a penny. I know that they also bought their parents many beautiful things in Europe.

I was amazed that the folks had already chosen the blueprint for the dream house they were going to build someday. Dad asks Mom to bring the specs with her so they can plan. The house was built when I was 6.

“Honey, did you receive the silk scarf and the French perfume I sent you?” and “Bring some fancy clothes with you for parties. When you get here, I will buy you a Paris creation and you’ll knock everyone’s eyes out.” Ah, he was so romantic!!

I am sad that Dad gets down a lot. He uses the word morose to describe himself. Tells Mom that he “will feel like living again after you and Mike get here. His daddy will have to give him lots of loving when he gets here----and Mama too!” I share his loneliness as I read.

Their separation during these many months, I am presuming, set the tone for the rest of their 64 years together. They were rarely apart for more than a week, when Mom would go to one of our homes when we had babies or when Dad took one of the boys on a fishing trip. They knew separation and never wanted it again. "Believe me, we're staying together every day possible from now on. We're just too close to be apart."

Dad is already checking the train schedule for Cherbourg, where Mom is going to disembark, so that he has all their ducks in a row. He is concerned about buying a baby bed and asks Madame Salm to price them out for him. She actually offers to buy one for them to use. He must have gotten the "shopping itch" out of his system during his years in the Army, because the only thing my dad liked shopping for, to my memory, was cars and cameras. 

I am high-fiving Dad for finally calling the Colonel in LaRochelle on the QT and asked him what was up with this major. When he heard the story, he whistled and almost blew his top. The Colonel guaranteed Dad that the unscrupulous major would be out of Dad's camp in 2 weeks. "My conscience tells me I did the right thing by reporting him, but I hope I don't get into a jam or have repercussions over it."

I am stoked as he tells me about the new hospital construction coming along well at Captieux and it promises to be one of the best medical facilities in the European theatre. Then, the surprise to me....he tells Mom that he heard a new OB/GYN center is being built in LaRochelle. "Maybe we'll have Catherine Ann here after all."

CATHERINE ANN? I was supposed to be a Catherine? Not that I dislike the name. I am just not a Catherine. I'm glad they re-thought the name options before I arrived!!

We're about 3 weeks away---

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