Sunday, February 5, 2017


I am at a crossroads. My chemo has stopped working. My scans last week yielded some good news and some not so good. My 4 remaining brain tumors are now 3. That's good. But I have 2 lung tumors that are growing and 3 new ones. I have accommodated to the chemo. A fourth generation drug which targets my cancer is developed but not yet FDA approved and could be months before it is. Unless God intervenes.

I will be consulting with my Denver doctor about my options. If the drug doesn't become available, I will be on a descending path of growing cancer. I don't know that there are any further options for me. 

I will know more after I talk to Dr. K in Denver.

My prayer request to any of my blog-followers who might want another cause to put on their prayer list: A miraculous rapid FDA approval of the drug I need.

How am I doing? I dropped my basket of faith for a few days and had to battle fear. But we went to Mpls to see the kids this weekend and I was able to still my soul enough to start gathering all the pieces of faith that I had dropped. I may be blindsided again this week, but I am trying to remain strong and positive. 


Nate Hercula said...

Praying with and for you, Mary!

Rachel J said...

I love you!!!!! ����